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China - Provincia de Yunnan - Dali

China: wonderful details

In Wátina Tours we have designed this trip together with our partners in China and the PROCLADE Foundation thinking especially of you. 

We have shared each of the experiences that we propose and visited attractions, hotels and restaurants. Like you, we like to travel in a special way and we want every trip to be 'unique'. We would like to show you the most incredible places in China. As Kunming, the "City of Eternal Spring”, or Dali, one village located between majestic mountains. Also we will visit the ancient city of Weishan which is the first capital of the Kingdom.  Would you like to travel with us?


China - Yunnan - Kunmimg

Kunming is known in China as the "City of Eternal Spring", it´s located at a subtropical latitude and 1800m above sea level, which benefits it by enjoying a mild climate throughout the year. Departure to the West Mountains, located on the outskirts of Kunming, where one of the most spectacular of the region´s Taoist temples, was built in the nineteenth century, carved into the rock. Or visit Shilin also known as "The Stone Forest", located about 90 km away from Kunming. The Stone Forest has recently been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most spectacular landscapes and is considered an extraordinary natural phenomenon and a global geological reference.

China - Yunnan - Dali

In the morning depart to the village of Dali. The village is located in a stunning setting between the majestic mountains of Cangshan with an average altitude of 4000m, and Erhai Lake. Dali is mainly populated by the Bai minority. Who settled on the banks of the lake almost 3,000 years ago! This attractive little town is surrounded by walls dating from the Ming dynasty and for the most part, the city retains the traditional architecture of the Bai and rich in history. For many centuries the main city of Yunnan, was the capital of the kingdom of Nanzhao, their reign that lasted 247 years and saw a 13 king’s rule, plus a Muslim kingdom in the XIX century. Today it is one of the most traditional tourist destinations in Southeast China. A visit to the Three Pagodas and the old city cannot be missed. The Three Pagodas are the symbol of Dali and are located north of the city. The largest dating from 824 A.C. and is decorated with Buddha’s made ​​with local marble.

China - Yunnan - Shaxi

Visit the ancient city of Weishan which is the first capital of the Kingdom of Nazhao. It’s the location of the Taoist holy mountain Weibaoshan which houses a magnificent temple complex amid lush vegetation. It is one of the best preserved in the area, where people live a life hardly changed by tourism. Travel to the town of Shaxi. Located in the southeastern district of Jianchuan, Shaxi was also an important commercial town in the former route of tea and horses during the Qing and Han Dynasties From the time of the Tang Dynasty, Shaxi has been an important communications center between the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. Here transactions of tea, brown sugar, textiles, leather and other products were made. Although this route is no longer running, the town still retains its cobbled streets and traditional houses the same as they were a thousand years and the ago and still the different minorities living in the villages of the surrounding mountains participate in the market of Sideng . 

China - Provincia de Yunnan - Lijiang

On the way, stop at Shibaoshan or the mountain of stone treasures. This mountainous area located 12km away from the town of Shaxi, has beenknown for its stone carvings for over 1300 years, representing the life of the kingdom of Nanzhao (748-902) and the influence of Mahayana Buddhism in Yunnan from Tibet. As we depart on way to Lijiang, a town that has been incredibly well preserved and a historic city center neighborhood made ​​up of small cobbled streets. Centuries-old traditional houses and small canals that traverse the city with pure water and ice from the Jade Dragon Mountain (5550m), with its summit permanently covered with snow, the symbol of the Naxi minority and the people of Lijiang. Lijiang was declared in 1999 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

China - Provincia de Yunnan - Poblado de Baisha

Take a full day visit around Lijiang. Drive through the beautiful countryside to the villages of Baisha and Yuhu (Jade Lake), a town at the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain. Baisha was the ancient capital of the Naxi kingdom known for the great artistic value of its frescoes. Don´t leave Baisha without paying a curious visit to the famous Doctor Hoo and his "Chinese Herbs Clinic of the Jade Dragon Mountain." Then visit Yuhu town, a great spot for enjoying the magnificent views of the mountain.

China - Provincia de Yunnan - Zhongdian

Continue along the path to the stunning Leaping Tiger Gorge where the water from the Yangtze River has created one of the world's deepest gorges. It stretches over 15 kilometers, and in some places the walls measure 3900 meters high. Depart for Zhongdian (Shangri-La). This town is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, at 3200 meters above sea level and marks the beginning of the Tibetan world, in fact, Zhongdian is the Chinese name of the city, its inhabitants, mostly Tibetans, call it Gyelthang, also known as Shangri-La thanks to James Hilton's novel "Lost Horizon".,A land where peace and serenity surround you.

China - Provincia de Yunnan - Lago Bita

In the morning visit to the Songzanglin Monastery. Then we drive to the beautiful lakes of Shudu and Bita, located about 25Km east of Zhongdian, a great place to hike around its shores. Considered the highest lakes in Yunnan Province, at 3500m high, they are famous for their clear waters and beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains and dense forests. According to legend, a goddess accidentally dropped her mirror on the ground and as it broke, the glass pieces became the 2 lakes of the plateau. The most beautiful green jade jewel of the mirror became the Bita Lake. Return to Zhongdian.

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